Thursday, July 15, 2010


These last few days I have been thinking about how blessed I have been in my life to have wonderful women who have taught me to be a friend, wife and a mother.

My grandma Smith was a hard worker and she never complained. She was usually the first one up and had breakfast on before we had our eyes open. She loved taking care of her family. She was a wonderful hostess and somehow she knew what you needed before you even knew it yourself. I asked her once how she managed to fill everyone's glass with tea before we realized it was even empty and she said "She always listened for the ice". Oh to be so in tune with the needs of those I love.

My grandma Bishop was also a hard worker but her body wore out before it was time for her to go. She must have found it hard to be bedridden at a time in her life when her friends were taking trips and enjoying a time in their lives when they had less responsibility. She never let on if that was the case though. She was content with her situation and found a reason to smile everyday. Oh how I hope I will be able to accept the limitations of age with the same grace I saw in her.

My mom has taught me that being a mother is more about being there through the good and the bad than it is about carrying a child for nine months. She has loved me unconditionally since the very beginning when a skinny five year old child came to live with her. I hope my children will always know the security of my unconditional love.

Yesterday a woman that I had the privilege of calling MillieMom passed away and I've been thinking a lot about her and all the many things she was good at. I remember especially the day that I realized that I would be a lot smarter if I listened more closely to the advise she gave. She was committed to her husband and her family. She loved the sound of the family playing games together and taught me how to play cards and bunco. She was my google before we had computers and would answer my silly questions, even long distance. She never met a stranger and adopted those around her into her family. She was a wonderful mom, wife and grandma and has left behind a wonderful legacy in those who loved her. I am grateful for the place she had in my life and pray I will be able to remember and use all the life lessons she taught me.


EJG said...

Beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your memories of MillieMom. She sounded like a world class person... someone worthy of such a nice tribute.

Loved how you considered her your "google".

Anonymous said...

I loved your comments on MillieMom. Yes, she was something else that is for sure. I really will miss you too. She was some kind of woman that is for sure. We are having a memorial at our house soon in remembrance of her with her KY family and some of the FL bunch.
love ya