Saturday, July 08, 2006

She's Getting Married!

We are so excited....Our oldest daughter Amanda is getting married! She got engaged two weeks ago and the wedding is two weeks from today. Her future husband is Steven, a wonderful young man who is currently serving in the Navy. They have a new house and we have a grandpuppy named Trigger.

The wedding is going to take place at Vilano Beach near St. Augustine. We took a ride over there today to check it out and I got the truck stuck! We will have to be careful where we drive...The reception is going to be here at the house, in the back yard...We will have a big white tent set up with Tables underneath and a sit down dinner. Mike is building a dance floor to go under the big oak tree...I think it will be beautiful...

I have so many hopes and dreams for them. I want them to have a marriage that is full of love and joy.

Well, I better get going, there is a lot to be done!