Sunday, January 06, 2008

How Long?

Where does the time go?

Once again, I find it hard to believe how much time has passed since my last post. I thought summer was going to be quiet and simple but I really don't remember what we did.

The fall was a whirlwind even though we did not have a child in Marching Band for the first time in seven years. Actually, we normally have more than one in Marching Band and even had two in two different schools one year! It was nice to have a break before next year when Katie will be joining the Golden Eagle Band.

I finally began classes at UNF which was very exciting and a long time coming. I am majoring in Sociology with a minor in Social Work. It was so much fun. Although, I would not have said that every single day. Apparently, Sociology is a major which requires much researching and writing of papers so I had a lot to learn! Thank goodness my children have had wonderful teachers who not only taught them how to write but gave me a few hints along the way. I managed to get two A's and two B's so I am pleased with the results.
I am still working three days a week but work is very different. As of October 5th Players Grille became Seafood Factory. I miss my regulars but all in all it has been a good change.

Mike is working two jobs so that I can go to school and I sure do appreciate it. He is still at FIHS and is also working part-time at CVS. We very rarely go out that he does not know someone whether it be a kid from school or someone he has helped at CVS. He says when I am done with school he is going to retire! He will definitely have earned it.

Grandma Kate is still working full-time. I sometimes wonder if she will ever retire. She hasn't lost her passion for nursing even after all this years. She is also still singing in the choir and has begun teaching English as a second language again. I guess she enjoyed her trip to Ireland because she is headed off to Scotland this year. It may have taken her awhile to get her passport but I don't think it is going to collect dust!

The kids are doing well. Chris has been working at Pinewood this fall helping out around the church. Amanda and Steve are happy especially now that Steve is finally home from deployment. Why is it deployments drag and being home flies by? Matt just completed his second semester at UCF with straight A's. Jenny is working at O2B kids and loving it. It is amazing to watch her with kids and this job also makes use of her administrative strengths. Josh is making music and is quite proficient on the guitar. He and Katie are singing with the Praise band at Christ's Church. Michael is wishing we lived in the woods so he could hunt and four wheel every day. Katie is still a delight and the icing on the cake. God sure knew what he was doing when he blessed our family with her.

I am still amazed at how our awesome God can take broken hearts and families and make them whole.