Thursday, July 08, 2010

Emptier Nest

We had a houseful a few nights ago and I loved it. There is nothing like the sound of teenagers laughing and just enjoying being together. It made me realize how much I miss having a full house. When Mike and I married we had six in the house and one across the street, and one across town. Now we have three in the house, one across the country, two married with families of their own one in Orlando going to school, and one who doesn't stay in one place too long! I know this is a natural progression and I really wouldn't want anything less for them, than for them to make their own lives and follow their dreams but I have to admit I miss having them all home at once.

I wonder if it will ever get easier? I think I am beginning to understand why my Grandma was so happy at Easter when all the kids made it home to the farm. It is comforting to have everyone together.

Is it too soon to recommend that we have family reunions?

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