Friday, November 25, 2011

Growing Pains

Bittersweet Milestones seem to be the theme of our family lately. We have recently experienced our youngest son leaving for boot camp and our youngest daughter turning 18. In the spring we will have our last high school student graduate and another wedding. Joshua moved in with Grandma Kate and we are down to one child at home. I have already made the comment to the kids that it seems like way too much change at one time but no matter what I say life just keeps moving along!

We (grandma Kate and I) dropped Michael off at the Military Processing Center last week. I was so proud to watch him swear in. We stayed as long as we could and I managed to leave him there without crying all the way home. He called home yesterday and I could not hold back the tears any longer. He is doing well and anxious to get started as he has spent the last week at the processing center in Columbus. He joins his unit today and from what I understand we will not be hearing from him for about three weeks. He has had my heart from the beginning and understood very early on that I was wrapped around his finger. Of course it has never hurt that he reminds me so much of his father. I have been told I will not recognize the young man who comes home to us.

Katie is now 18 and we no longer have any minors in our home. She is still and will always be my baby girl but I cannot deny that she has become a beautiful young woman while my back was turned for just a few minutes. She continues to be a joy to me. I tell her all the time she is the icing on my cake. I love the way she cares for others and for her desire to follow God even when it is not popular or easy. With the gifts God has given her I look forward to seeing what He calls her to do.

The plans for Matt and Ashley's wedding are moving along. If we had been practicing arranged marriages I could not have done a better job. Ashley is everything I ever hoped for in a daughter in law and her family and the way I feel about them is just an added bonus. They, or course are very anxious for the nuptials to get here. I am just enjoying the whole process and so very proud of the choices they are making and the way they handle themselves.

Josh has made the move across the street to grandma's house. I don't know which one of them is more excited about the arrangement. Grandma has retired but has already found activities to fill her days but her evenings are less lonely now with Josh there. He continues to pursue his music with his band Prideless and is still working at O2B kids. So grateful for the relationship the two of them have.

In the midst of all this change I am grateful for my husband who continues to show me what it means to be blessed with the gift of unconditional and steadfast love.

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Ashley said...

So many changes! Love your post. I am so excited to be getting married to your wonderful son and so excited to be your daughter-in-law. We are SO close! Then you are officially stuck with me forever! ;)