Friday, January 01, 2010

1/365 Traditions

We celebrated today with a very traditional New Years Day meal. Collard greens, black-eyed peas and rice, cornbread and a pork roast. For a little while my house smelled just like my grandmas did when I was a child. Traditions are important to me. They remind me of years past and connect me to wonderful memories of family and friends who are no longer here. I hope my children will be able to recall memories from their childhood as they carry on the traditions with their families and create memories for their children. The connections to our past are precious and help us to make sense of the present.


JSG said...

I'd always wondered why they pile up those items in the front of Publix right after Christmas!

EJG said...

And food may be the best way to carry out tradition. But, it's really just the mechanism for getting everyone around the table so that new memories can be made.

I wish we could have been there to help celebrate... but, after Maggianos, we would have exploded. All over.