Thursday, June 12, 2008

I love UNF!

I wasn't sure about summer classes but I have come to the conclusion they are OK! It is hard to sit for 3 1/2 hours but six weeks and full credit is really nice. Social Work as a profession has been great and I have actually enjoyed the People and Cultures class. The social welfare minor contains a small close-knit group of students so I rarely have a class that I don't know almost everyone in it. Makes me wonder how many of us will run into each other out in the "real world" when we are working in the field.

We had a guest speaker today form the Women's Center of Jacksonville. It was the director of the Rape Crisis Response Team. She shared with us about the opportunity to be advocates for victims of sexual assault. Every time someone comes to talk about their job I want to join their team. When they ask if there is anyone who is interested in working in their field I realize I am. Gerontology, Child Welfare, Adoption, Foster Kids, Juvenile Justice, I should have started a lot sooner if I am going to do all the different things that have peaked my interest. At least I have time before I have to make a decision.

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JSG said...

Funny, it wouldn't surprise me a bit if you did them all! When has too many ever been an issue for you?