Saturday, June 14, 2008

And she's off....

Yesterday was quite an adventure. I taught Jenny how to drive a stick shift. Amazingly it was actually a lot of fun and she did a great job. She is now the third of our children to be making use of the Ford ranger (thanks Rodney and Cindy). I am not sure how much we will be seeing her now that she has wheels at her disposal again, but I am looking forward to not being a taxi service for a 17 year old who loves to be busy and on the go.

I will admit part of the fun of teaching her to drive was intentionally having her stall out and watching her reaction. By the way, she did not like it and declared she would not be doing that again. I assured her that she would indeed stall out again just like anyone else who drives a stick and at least now she would know what to expect.


EJG said...

If I see a car bopping to and fro down 220, I'll be sure to wave at Jenny!

When Ilana and Katie start driving... that's when I start walking everywhere.

JSG said...

Hmmm, maybe you can teach me next!

Anonymous said...

I well remember the afternoom that your father decided that you should learn to drive the little Ford pinto. He was the teacher, you were the student , and I was the observer and back seat driver (as it turned out).
All went well till there was~~looming ahead of us, a left hand turn. Turn left you did, flat out. No braking, no clutch and you made it around that corner.

Your ears didn't make it through so easily. Your dad, the teacher, let you know in no uncertain terms what a bad decision and execution you had just pulled off. I, the observer, when I could finally speak and think, decided that the roles had just changed and your father was out of his teaching job as of that minute.

You continued to be the student and I became the teacher. I really did a good job I think. Both of us are still alive and we've caused no major damage to this point. ...and that's how I remember it.Grama K