Sunday, May 18, 2008

Three Amazing Women

I meant to post this Mother's Day but somehow I didn't get around to it.

I have been blessed with many wonderful women in my life who taught by example how to be a Godly woman. There were three women though, who were especially important.

Many of even my closest friends do not realize that my mom Kate did not actually give birth to me. She married my dad when I was five and instantly became mom. She only had three months of marriage before I came to live with them full time. I was malnourished, unruly and very insecure. From the very beginning I was her child without question. I worked in the same doctors' office with her for a while and we would laugh when the patients would recall her pregnancy with me. Mom is still working full time and I wonder sometimes if she will ever retire. She loves what she does and she is good at it. I learned the gift of unconditional love from my mom and how important it is to find your calling and pursue it.

My grandma Bishop was Kate's mom. One of my favorite childhood memories is going to her house for dinner. She made the best chicken and dumplings ever. My grandma was bedridden at a relatively early age because her bones were so brittle. I had the opportunity to take care of her when my family with our two young boys moved into her home. We had so much fun. It was not always easy but she had the best attitude. I had a third son while we were living there and he was her pride and joy. There were many days when I would lay him in her arms and she would sing him to sleep so I could get something done. From my grandma Bishop I learned the blessing of a joyful spirit that was not dependent on circumstances.

My grandma Smith was a farmer's wife. It was a hard life but she never complained. I spent my summers on the farm when I was growing up. Grandma had a full spread breakfast when we woke up every morning. When we came in from the fields for dinner she had a full spread again. It was not uncommon for people to drop in when it was time to eat. Grandma never seemed to mind, she would just add a plate. She very rarely ate when we did. She was too busy making sure we all had everything we needed. We used to joke that grandma knew our glass was empty before we did. I asked her once about it and she said she listened for the ice! I learned the gift of hospitality from my grandma Smith and the value of working hard for those we love.

I hope that I will be able to pass these gifts on to my children so that the legacy will continue.

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JSG said...

From my grandma Bishop I learned the blessing of a joyful spirit that was not dependent on circumstances.

You really are a wonderful writer, you know.