Monday, September 22, 2008

FSU band day.

Fleming Island Band traveled to FSU to participate in Band Day. Katie had never been to a college game before so she was very excited. She screamed so much she was hoarse the next day. I am trying to get used to the idea of being a Seminole since it looks like I will be getting my Masters in Social Work from there. I did enjoy the game but I found myself more interested in the updates on how my Georgia Bulldogs were doing!


Matt said...

haha. That's cool. I'm glad she got to go. But why did we never get to?
Anyways, looks like we might be coming home for the weekend, what do you think?

Liz said...

Mr. "C" planned this since Prism is not available this year. FSU is renovating the bldg they usually have it in and the school they are using has a very small auditorium so the tickets went fast and they are all sold out.
As for you coming home, I am more than ready for that!
I love you, Mom

EJG said...

Hey, what's wrong with FSU?! Their music program can't be beat! I hope Ilana will be going there in a few years.

Anyway... Will there be any home cooked meals waiting for Matt this weekend. If so, we're available.

Only kidding..
Not really.